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Size 9-12m 

Without diaper cover 

Preorder work time turnaround 3-4 weeks 

Introducing our stunning new girl's dress, a radiant masterpiece adorned with golden rose sequins gracing the top. The bodice sparkles with an enchanting elegance, resembling a field of golden roses in full bloom. Delicate butterflies, crafted with shimmering beads, flutter gracefully across the dress, adding a touch of whimsy and charm.

Beneath the enchanting embellishments, layers of soft pink tulle cascade to create a voluminous and ethereal skirt. The combination of the golden rose sequins, butterfly beads, and pink tulle results in a dress that captures the essence of magical moments and joyful celebrations. Your little one is sure to dazzle in this exquisite ensemble, embracing a world of elegance and playfulness.

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